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The sky between us

Trondheim’s yawning fjord

Embellishes a late February’s dusk

This lilac, pink, roseate ghost

Banners horizon’s ceiling

When earth’s shadow

Fuses night from day

An intricate pastel pause

Which is aptly named

Belt of Venus

Wakes divide a few short paragraphs

As fishing boats and ferries acutely slice

This temporary azure sheen

Three silver birch trees lead eyes

From this kitchen window on the stone hill

Up high

The verve of a seer sits on his zenith

Where he’s fed, content and

naturally enlightened



both of us united in a common fear of each others talons

War´s influence
(allegedly, if you believe in astrology)
arose to the South of Jonsvatnet (John´s water)
while I, for a few seconds
cut circles in its path of temporary shine
with the metal fish at the end of my line
Bail arm trip, retrieval slip
then lightning dynamics
Of pike´s waspish violence upon it!
The decoy minnow
Anything but slow as old esox
gave her acrobatic show
with ariel attempts to escape me
After pulling, tugging, plenty of shrugging
twenty minutes later I assumed the victor
as I lifted her water clear
she anticipated me and bit me shear!
My curse was anything but ”Oh dear!”
She either, never shed a tear
but both of us united in a common fear
Of each others talons
Somewhat gently
I set her down in the shallows
Carefully plucked back my hook
Then gave my bloody finger a sook
With a swish of her shovel sized tail
off she cruised with a humoured look
Towards the pillar of Mars
Both she and I perforated with scars
Made our ways home
Under early August’s returning stars.


A few notes about this piece, which I will get around to fitting in here with the poem.

Mars was at its closest to Earth in 60,000 years this night.

*Esox Lucius is the latin name for a Pike
A bail arm is the piece on a fishing reel. It catches and gathers the line as it rotates.
The last line is to do with the fact that there is no night between late May and early August where I live. The Arctic Circle is another 400 km`s north, from Trondheim, where you get the famous midnight sun.

Brig Portrait
I am no cosmogonist for suggesting
That the end and the beginning
Are one and the same
Winter opposes summer
Death, life and so forth
On a perpetual journey
Of violence, rest
Love, hate
Science fact
Metaphoric beliefs
Everything shares one common truth
The unzipping of creation
The four bases
Adenine pairs with Thymine
Guanine pairs with Cytosine
All split open
Then reborn in puzzling sequences
Ribo and Deoxy Nucleic Acids
Forged from a star collapsing
On the edge of our solar system
Gravitating, tugging, pulling, spinning,
Just like the other BIG-inning
Circa 14 billion years earlier
But before that
The quiet, stillness, nothing
How do we know?
The present
The future
The past
Alpha and omega,
First and the last



Have you ever seen a cuttlefish, 
turn in a second 
from red to green? 
A wave pulsates, 
ripples and flows a nano-second tide, 
from its tail to its head, and back. 

Tonight, the sky throbbed and vibrated, 
whilst my head gyrated, to take it all in. 

This giant lumen across the Orkla fjord.

I, poet was far from bored! 

My ears nipped, as the sun licked 
through Van Allen zones, 
the protective curtains of our home 
First, arc green, feint, almost steam 

From its hilltop bottom came the magic 
folding as if pleated, 
or is it a flag in the breeze?

All around, as if under a lysergic umbrella 
The “Nordlys” of Valhalla 
rolled their snare drum beats 
Awesome aurora, directly on top of me, 
the jagged puncture of auroral corona 

Extending beyond zenith, 
the glows in the sky from Polar light 

Which arrive with the suns carbon mass ejection might 

The 93 million mile gap, 20-30 hours after, shudders, 
whacks us with this phenomenal hiss 
this inviolable zap. 

Miles 600 to 60 is how Solaris to Polaris 
Rains down from the sky, forming aurora borealis. 
Norway’s celestial, crystal palace



Somewhere inside us is the trace element of a star that collapsed -ages ago- and somehow all of the atoms from that explosion collided formed all of this, the plasma or lcd you’re looking at and the TC and AG  amino´s that formed to make us. We get up, we work, we feck and somewhere in between, either on the shortcut back from the pub taking a leak or dazed on a beach on our two week break in the sun we fall on our backs and stare hard at the same stars that our predecessors stared at and wondered how far they might fall when their boat left the end of the earth for infinity.

I think about it all the time. Always thinking, always pretending I might be arrogant enough to stumble across the great truth about the universe and why we’re here, but its a given that in a lifetime, we all do. We’re only going to get the answers when science exceeds it’s boundaries with faith of the impossible, proves God is the Law of Attraction and Neutrinos really do travel faster than light.

Stephen J Hawking tells us in one of his quotes that those who look for the answers will find the hell, because God created it first for those who go looking for the answers. On the other side of his great wisdom there are specialized and trustworthy (yeah right) groups who are supposed to know the real truth about why we’re here. How we arrived at where we are, and exactly where we are supposed to be. They are of course sporting silver grey or near white hair and regularly attend the lodges of the world, especially the ones of the ancient order and Scottish rite freemasonry. They spend their Friday afternoons going through the chapters of knowledge until they reach the dizzy heights of chapter 33. Here, they get the truths we all want to know or understand. I don´t know what that is but I guess it is something to do with the great architect of the universe as they refer to a lot in their books. I expect also, it has a lot to do with the secrets of our reason for being here. Other little clans of societies with secrets, co exist with freemasons, they are not exactly secret societies either, especially after the bestselling Da Vinci Code.

Anyway, those who do and those who don’t. I ask what the purpose of our universe is about? Not on each and every blog I am going to post, but after reading an excellent book called “View From Planet Earth” by Vincent Cronin. I was struck by the depths of his research and facts. Take the closest star, it’s a fine balance between something that could have burned itself out about a billion years ago and what gives a few of us the melanoma today. Freeman J Dyson explains it in a paper he gave in 1971. It’s all about helium-2 and protons and could confuse you if you’re not into all that stuff but it made a lot of sense to my mind. How could that have happened by chance? I read it and remembered a programme from BBC about the suns heliopause. This would be the extent of the suns force and it is somewhere like 4 times the distance between the sun and Pluto. The sound of radio emissions from a coronal mass ejection leaving the sun and then passing the probes Voyager 1 and 2 showed it passing them about a hundred days apart and then it reached this area at the end of our solar system where it made this faint noise like the sound of a baby in the womb; from an ultrasonic scan.

I pondered that distance for a week or two, and it made me think that maybe the sun delivers the day-to-day thoughts of us the same way a magnetic disk transfers information.

I don’t want to bore you completely with all of my background and my curiosity on aurora borealis and astronomy in general, but you only have to understand the simplicity of how they happen and when the 11year solar low, solar max cycle of the sun’s energy changes and affects the weather in our planet, no-one knows how exactly, it just does.)

What if all of the stars and the universe has a purpose as well as us on this wee pebble, spinning around drenching each other in hate, oil, blood and holding faith in the biggest absentee landlord in the world that we were out here in his / her image or one of the other ones, but I’ll put a sock in it just there. I daren’t step over the images of religious leaders in metaphor or cartoons. That is after all using free speech the same as free thought and that’s a bad thing in today’s world, right? It might be anything and like the universe when you –both readers- were just a swirling gas being pulled into a mass by something that proved to be gravity. It came in all different smells and colours. It was just there. Like us, just here, pondering, or too busy surviving to notice or care.


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