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The sound of cordial pouring into a glass.

The hush between prayer and class.

The silence in the breath of a new line.

The puisant colour of a rainbow arch.

Choked throats clearing after laughs.

July’s whispering thistle’s, sheep field Colosseum,

the arena for larch.

Or, the rising hunger of winters trout

awakening on a springs day spinner hatch

Kingfisher’s samurai concorde flight,

bright leonid on an amazon of

cherry blossom pink, blue, white.

I see this, clearly, when I’m here.

Once I had a fear, about the air around near.

Me floating to momentary flashbacks

and  unhealthy prayer.

when as well, I’ve been through hell.

I, once the boxer responded

At the ding-ding of bell.

I’d spring on my toes and make strangers swell.

Upper cuts hooks and a wee bit more

The explosion of hatred, erupted within

Just to prove to  myself, it was still there,

the passion, the screaming, the violent flare,

of rage, and the roar!

I’ve crawled my voyage of living sore

where some people give

a fook, others won’t.

This is why one day 

I changed pugilist to poet.

after my head was all torn.

I wanted to know

why I had ever been born

I didn’t  want to be around

in the morn

So I picked up a pen to

release my scorn.

And realized why

from here to Mars I’d been thrown.

Because I was a self centred junkie

with a lot of fire, an eejit, a deceiving liar.

Then I found an answer.  Challenging our maker

The coward, the victim, sanctuary away from my past,

my buried agony to run and hide in,

spend the longest winter night in

hour after hour, day after day.

You can save yourself from

The kick-ins, the beatings,

You can fix it out,

It will flow, not the booze and the pills

but the knowledge you’ll know.

I can’t believe how I’m lyrical blinding.

These missives of hope from this

valve, that now, I take pride in.

I got it all out, shouted from within

and gave it some clout.

Because I knew that bell would

eventually clang, DING DING! again

The end of the bout.

But a killer punch is just one blow,

and pyschosis KO’s you

if your too slow.

So I opened my head, my heart,

and let  flow.

I was shocked and surprised

when I wiped the tears away from my eyes

and opened wide,  to live, love, laugh

I can’t  believe that I devour life now.

Without  a care as to when and how?

And gone is that really stupid looking

furrowing brow.


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