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I’m no Sugar Ray, Lynch or Ali

But I return to the ring in Trondheim’s valley

The same faces (and haircuts) adourn the hall

The punch bags, skipping ropes, medicine ball

The aged, hieroglyph cheeks and faces, watch and nod

The fighters taking aim on where to place their thuds

Whilst I pretend I am a decade behind my shell

Unfortunately, the trainer’s circuit is a telling hell

I hope to be fitter, stronger, faster, soon

But muscles elastic is agreeing ‘next blue moon’

I kill this big bag with a flurry of punches

It doesn’t fight back from my pounding crunches

Thank Jedi I say, that this is just play

And no championships to train for again, nay

Those days are over and the gloves are well hung

The battle is over the last bell has rung

From here on in, boxing’s for fun

To keep old warrior keen with less tum



  1. Pugilism, the fist-pounding sport holds a tender place in my heart. When my 82-year old father was in his youth he loved the art of boxing. He went many rounds while in the Coast Guard. My brother also boxed while in Miami. He was a Miami-Golden Gloves Champion. I believe the sport of boxing creates an indomitable spirit. And truth be told, I love the Rocky franchise. When I was a young girl, a Sylvester Stallone/Rocky 1 poster adorned my purple bedroom wall. If there was a fight on television my father’s eyes were glued to the set.
    I think it’s quite fantastic you express yourself through sport and gentle word-wonderful prose. Thank you for sharing your talents.
    new to the world of blogging

    • Thanks for your appreciation of this piece. You paint a nice window about yourself and your father and brother. He must have been very good, especially from what I know about the Miami area.
      I recently watched Rocky 5 and well, it’s a franchise indeed, but at least he ended it with some dignity and realism of someone of his years.
      Boxing is the greatest discipline of all the sports, save a few like butterfly stroke in swimming and cross country skiing when it comes to overall fitness and coordination of all the limbs.
      Ali and a great many others showed the world that pugilism can also change mankind.

      Again, thanks for your kindness and taking the time to comment.

      Let’s keep in touch 🙂 Powertiyerpen!

      • Thank you. I’ll be following your writing as it is inspiring and thought provoking…

      • Thank you. There was me thinking I’d had too many hits to the head haha At least what braincells are left can be coherent and inspiring, Jings! Slanj and Powerityerpen!

      • My head has no excuses 🙂

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